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Fridges for Motorhomes and Campervans

We can recommend, supply and install the right fridge for your motorhome or campervan. Whether it's a first-time, replacement, or upgrade. All in Newent near Gloucester.

Fridges for motorhomes and campervans come in different types to fit various needs. Absorption fridges work with gas, electricity, or battery power, great for off-grid trips. Compressor fridges keep things cool consistently, perfect for longer travels. Thermoelectric fridges are lightweight and simple, good for short trips.

Refrigerator Repair

Some fridges even have separate compartments and smart features. Whether you're on a quick getaway or a longer journey, there's a fridge type to keep your food fresh and drinks cold on the road.

Chill while we do the work! Reach out about your new fridge today.

When was your last habitation check?
Ensure your van is safe and up to scratch for your next trip. Ask us about Habitation Checks and Services.

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