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What's in a Habitation Service?

Visit us for your Habitation Check and Service in Newent, near Gloucester. Our team leaves no stone unturned when carrying our our full habitation check of your vehicle.

A Habitation Service is vital to making sure your Motorhome or Campervan is ready for the next year ahead.

What we check in a habitation service

  • Water, gas, heating and cooking

  • Gas regulators with full testing

  • Gas flues, flexi hoses, dispersal holes and all vital pipework plus gas bottle security

  • Fridge ignitions, cooling and FFD

  • Cooker/Hob

  • Water, blown air and space heating systems

  • Onboard tanks and fittings

  • Water systems including taps and pipework

  • Electrical

  • Road lights and reflectors

  • Battery and charging systems

  • 12v lighting

  • Fire safety systems including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Habitation condition

  • A full damp check and report

  • Onboard Tanks and fittings

  • Body chassis mountings

  • Floors and structure

  • Wheel boxes

  • Windows, blinds and screens

  • Cupboards and fittings

  • Roof lights

  • Awning Operation

  • External doors and wet lockers

  • A full damp check with report

On Site Repairs

Many of our customers come to us from businesses that offer a Habitation Service but are unable to carry out repairs. Our onsite workshop provides a full service from A to B, getting you back out on your travels as soon as possible. Save yourself the trouble and book with us today!

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